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A dramatic effect on lines, wrinkles and hyperactive muscles 

Botox Injections can be used for the following:

  • Wrinkles and Furrows

  • Frown and forehead lines

  • Crows feet

  • Migraine

  • Excess Sweating and Odour

  • Lifting heavy brow

Over time some people develop a progressive deepening of the lines in typical facial areas, which can be displeasing for many. Botox injections are a reliable and effective treatment that reverses the effect of the muscles giving excellent and predicable cosmetic results.

Since the late 1980s, Botox has been cornerstone of the facial aesthetics industry. Treatments have gone from being experimental, to being commonplace on the high-street.

The effects of Botox are profound. It has a dramatic effect on lines, wrinkles and hyperactive muscles when used correctly. The effects can be to relax an overactive brow causing lines above the eyebrows, soften, or often erase all signs of, the classic '11' sign of a persistent frown. Crows-feet can be rendered a thing of the past, and the list of indications for Botox Type A continues to increase.


"...absolutely delighted with the results!"

If you have never had an aesthetic treatment before, then I cannot recommend Dr Berry highly enough. As well as explaining the treatments available thoroughly, there was no pressure to go ahead until I was sure. I opted for Botox to smooth out my frown lines and am absolutely delighted with the results!

Pippa B

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What areas can Botox treat?

Typical areas to use Botox are in the three areas of the upper face.


Frown: The “Glabellar Region” or frown area is the most commonly requested treatment with Botox. Injections are administered to soften the wrinkles between the eyebrows, which are formed commonly when we are worried or demonstrating an angry expression. The effect of treatment is a lifting and stabilisation of the frown, and an overall brightened appearance to the area around the eyes. Unintentional frowns and worried expressions are effortlessly improved.


Forehead: The other areas commonly treated include the horizontal forehead lines, from raising the eye-brows. The lines can be softened using Botox, smoothing the brow, and reducing furrows.


Crow’s Feet: from squinting or smiling expressively. For many people these lines can become undesirable, and this is probably the most effective, and safest treatment available to address the areas successfully. The lines can be softened using Botox reducing crows-feet for a more youthful appearance.

Other specialised areas:


  • Upper lip lines

  • Gummy Smile - Lip Stabilisation

  • Mouth corners

  • Bunny lines

  • Neck bands

  • Masseter muscles

  • Nose tip drooping

  • Chin dimpling

Benefits of Botox Treatment:

Botox is non-permanent, and therefore doesn’t carry with it the permanent risks of some surgical interventions. There is no down-time, or scarring. The effects last for up to 6 months, and are very cost-effective given their duration. This gives the opportunity to try the treatment, reassured the effects aren’t permanent. It also gives the opportunity to alter the dose to the ideal results as you find exactly how much Botox you need for the optimum effect.

  • Low Risk of Complications

  • Predicable and Reliable Results

  • Cost-Effective

  • Long Duration

  • Problems resolve quickly

  • Quick and almost pain-free procedure

How does Botox work?

Botox is a medicine that can block the transmission of the nerve impulses to muscles. This reduces the effect of the muscle’s contraction, and softens the subsequent wrinkles or lines that muscle groups may be causing.

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