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A new discovery in facial ageing addressing skin laxity, lines and wrinkles

What is Profhilo®?

Possibly the most innovative development to the Dermal Filler market in many years, this injectable “skin bio-remodelling” treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, helping to improve skin quality and hydration. It is designed as a skin laxity treatment and shown to re-model sagging and ageing tissue to deliver tighter, smoother, more youthful, glowing skin.


Profhilo contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA). Unlike traditional HA, Profhilo is a BDDE free medical device, stabilised by a unique thermal process to deliver an injectable hyaluronic acid that boosts skin hydration while remodelling the skin. (BDDE is the standard chemical cross linking agent in HA fillers).


With a concentration of 32mg/ml of hyaluronic acid, it remains in the skin for 28 days and stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin, Type I and III Collagen in fibroblast, and type IV and VII collagen in keratinocytes, endogenous hyaluronic acid and elastin production.

Profhilo’s novel characteristic is it’s thermal crosslinking and low inflammatory profile; this results in a hybrid complex of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which bio-remodels skin. It is not a traditional dermal filler and is often appealing to patients wishing not to have traditional dermal fillers which volumize.

To achieve a uniform effect throughout the face, a standardised pattern of injection points (BAP - Bio-Aesthetic Points) is employed to divide the product into five injection sites per side of the face. This is then repeated in a second treatment 1 month later. 

Treatment is usually very comfortable - topical anaesthetic can be used if preferred. Transient erythema (redness), pain, itching, and tenderness can occur. Patients that are breast feeding, pregnant or with a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid should not use this treatment.

Dr Berry is significantly experienced in performing this treatment.​

Further Information

  • Profhilo contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, which when slowly released, stimulates collagen and elastin production and increases hydration in both the dermis and epidermis.

  • Profhilo is used most commonly to treat facial skin, but it is also very effective in treating sagging, wrinkly and ageing skin on the neck, décolletage, arms, hands and knees.

  • Profhilo is an award-winning an injectable treatment, usually administered in 2 treatments sessions, 4 weeks apart. Each session consists of a series of injections to the treated area. 

  • Profhilo’s low inflammatory profile, coupled with its clinically proven pro-healing properties means it is very safe and requires minimal downtime.

  • Profhilo sits somewhere between a skin booster and a dermal filler. It delivers hyaluronic acid via a 2ml syringe to a depth 3mm into the skin. The gel like formula flows through the skin stimulating collagen and elastin to rapidly provide smoother, glowing skin.



  • Refrain from any facials for 2 weeks
  • No heavy exercise for 24 hours after a treatment
  • Be gentle when washing the filled area of your face, neck, chest or hands.
  • Try to avoid any unnecessary touching of your face during the 24 hour period directly after your treatment.

Treatment Price

Profhilo - per cycle of treatment (2 x 2ml Syringes inclusive) - £495


How does it work?

Profhilo is a unique Hyaluronic acid based patented technology that uses dual action complexes released slowly into the skin to hydrate, remodel, firm, plump and smooth the skin with long lasting results. Profhilo diffuses within the tissue after injection and over the period of 4 weeks it stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin. It doesn’t need to be massaged and leaves no nodules. Due to the its high spread ability, only 5 injection points on each side of the face are needed, which means patients find the treatment much more comfortable.

Who is suitable?

This treatment is suitable as both a corrective and preventative solution to again. However after the age of 30 the skin structures and hydration levels in the skin start to decrease so this is a good time to consider age prevention treatments such as Profhilo that will stimulate these structures to renew.

Where can this be used?

Profhilo is a rejuvenating treatment to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improving creepiness and skin texture. It can be used on the following areas:
Face Neck Chest Hands What results should I expect?

Optimum results from treatment will be visible four weeks after the course of Profhilo, which involves two injectable treatments four weeks apart. Clients can expect to see an intense hydration with glowing skin and fine lines minimised. You’ll notice smoother, tighter skin. Even for those clients with very wrinkled skin, an improvement in the texture is undeniable.

How many treatments do I need?

To achieve the best long-lasting results, you will need two treatments four-weeks apart. The treatment can be repeated after six months in cases where more repair is desired.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Profhilo was launched in February 2015 in Italy. It’s been used worldwide ever since. Over 150,000 patients have been treated so far with no adverse reactions reported. From a safety perspective, Profhilo is highly biocompatible. That’s because it is made from ultrapure, natural Hyaluronic Acid and is stabilised without the addition of chemical cross-linking agents. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions so the downtime is minimal, side effects are mild and temporary e.g. redness, pain, swelling.

Cautions / contraindications

You should not have Profhilo if you have severe allergies, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For more information please contact

Please note: Any injectable procedure will only be undertaken after your face to face consultation with one of our medical practitioners, during which a full assessment will be carried out and full list of cautions and contraindications discussed.

Summary of your Treatment

Procedure Time

30 minutes estimated

Back To Work




Full Recovery

48 hours estimated


Immediately visible*

Duration Of Results

6 – 9 months 2 treatments recommended for maximum effects, one month apart*

Risks & Complications

Asymmetry, bruises, infections and swelling *

BAP Technique

To maximise the diffusion in the malar and sub-malar areas:

  • The BAP were specifically chosen in anatomically respective areas
  • The dilution phenomenon of the product itself

  • 5 injections per side

  • Reduced pain (slow injection)

  • Lower possibility of bruising or hematoma

  • Reduced number of treatment sessions

  • Greater patient compliance

Treatment objective


To smooth, tighten and lift the skin, improving texture and laxity.

Time required for treatment


Each treatment consists of either 2 or 3 treatment sessions, given 4 weeks apart and each lasting approximately 15 minutes.

How long until treatment results are visible?

Full results are seen in 4-6 weeks following your last treatment.


Minimal downtime is required for this treatment, although for 8-24 hours you will have raised areas.

How long will the results last for?

Results will usually last for a minimum of 6 months and will continue with maintenance.