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Safe, Natural

and with Instant Results

Dermal Fillers are a range of products available for restoring lost volume in the skin and face at specific locations. From superficial skin rejuvenation and hydration with fine fillers such as Restylane Vital, to deep volume restoration of the cheeks with Juvederm Voluma, Sub Q or Radiesse; there are vast numbers of ways dermal filler can be used to improve facial contours and replace lost volume.

Great and long-lasting results can be achieved with minimal downtime and a very low risk of unwanted side-effects. We use the 3 most established UK manufacturers of dermal fillers, namely Radiesse/Belotero (by Merz), Restylane (by Galderma/QMed) and Juvederm (by Allergan). All of our fillers are CE marked in Europe, and FDA approved in the US, unlike many other filler entering the UK market.

Dermal Fillers are gel-like substances classified as Medical Devices. They are produced in a stabilised form to be injected into the appropriate areas of the body for a desired effect, usually to give volume definition.

Popular areas include the cheeks, lips and nose, as well as into some of the deeper folds and wrinkles that develop in the face with time.

There are various types of filler that are available, and new ones are arriving on the market every year. At The Wellfield Skin Clinic we use only the leading and most trusted brands of filler that are well known for their safety profile, and long-lasting effects. The fillers offer a biocompatible, biodegradable option for altering facial contours for a positive aesthetic result.

Please see our reviews for some of the effects that can be achieved with Dermal Fillers. For your own consultation to find out what Dermal Fillers can achieve for you, please feel free to book an appointment via our online booking system.

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