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We are super excited to introduce our new Fotona SP Laser treatments! 🤩

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

We are about to receive our new fractional and new patterned hand pieces from Fotona in Slovenia. These will enable us to offer a whole new range of treatments.

FS01 - Fractional Handpiece

This high speed fractional hand piece offers great capabilities in skin resurfacing, and treatment of scars. Each treatment can be tailored to give bespoke results depending on your requirements. Both the energy level and the pulse mode can be varied to create more ablation, or more heating to the skin. The beauty of Erbium resurfacing is that it is considered to be "cold", therefore reducing the swelling in the skin and therefore less downtime post procedure.

Fig.2 - See the pattern in the image below to understand how the laser delivers a grid of dots, with sparing of the skin between each dot. This is how fractional laser procedure work, treating a percentage of the skin whilst leaving islands of untreated skin to aid with healing.

Fotona treatment options

Popular treatments include T3 Skin Rejuvenation and Fotona 4D Facelift.

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