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Fotona Smooth Eye and LipLase

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

With the latest PS03X hand piece we can offer pixelated treatments with a mixture of full feild and fractional energy to rejuvenate the skin and tighten collagen fibres.

What treatments are available with the new PS03X?

  • Skin tightening with Smooth mode

  • Smootheye

  • Intraoral tightening

  • Skin Resurfacing

  • Stretch Marks and Scars

  • Pigmented Lesions

  • Nightlase - for snoring

  • Gynecology applications

Each treatment can be customised depending on the needs of the patient


Always come for an initial consultation to ensure the doctor fully understands your concerns and the treatment goals you want to achieve.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Book your consultation online or with Georgie

  2. Attend your appointment with clean, make-up free skin

  3. Our therpaist Leah will usually do a Observ Skin Analysis

  4. Consultation including history and skin assessment with Doctor

  5. Agreed treatment plan and clarify post-treatment care

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